Saturday, March 13, 2010

Barn Cats

tiny paw prints
freckle fresh snow
on back deck

pregnant barn cat
cries, curls around my leg
for more spring chicken

like a queen on throne
sits the siamese barn cat
on green lawnmower

grain bin opened
hay forgotten
-horses pause
cat chow pulled out

Friday, March 12, 2010

Feeding the Horses

antelope play
eat the horse grass
like a locust swarm

veil of morn fog
cloaks hay on my pitchfork
from hungry horses

giant snow boots
big brown horse gallops alone
to barn, greed for feed

february cold
slaps my face at morning feed
wyoming prairie

Japanese Love Haiku

I usually write my own haiku, but this week I was reading a book called "Japanese Haiku" printed in 1956 from the local library. Here are a few that spoke to me:

In these dark waters
drawn up from
my frozen well...
glittering of spring

Arise from sleep, old cat
and with great yawns
and stretchings...
amble out for love

Moon so bright for love
come closer, quilt...
my passionate cold!

Ah, unrequited love
now elevate your
and keen
Tom-cat, to the moon!