Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two Missed Calls

two missed october calls
an old voice mail from march
your voice on my

rainy texas breeze
dark clouds swallow the sunshine
mud on these truck tires

blanket of rain made
the cowboy run to his truck
palms laugh in the wind


  1. Annie,
    __I love your "blanket of rain..." and herein I steal your words for this echo, hoping you'll not be offended. _m

    blanket of rain
    these clouds swallow the sun
    palms laugh

  2. Oh, not offended at all :) Its nice to be echoed. I'm new at this and actually look to others for inspiration. I wrote the following after reading a metephor about cooking fish for writing poetry:

    i fry my fish now
    but cookbooks inspire
    dash of dill and fire