Wednesday, September 30, 2009

German Fun

eucalyptus breath
calm nerves
beads of sweet

geriatric germans
bobbing buoyantly
wrinkly and wet

ferris wheel

german carnies
hitting on me
he was scared to ride

young man, long apron
looks bored at the slushy stand
oktober rings near

big boobs
squeezed into
bavarian dress, beer

flashing flickering
dancing prancing
colorful lights

dozens of dangling
legs on the ride
zip up zip down

he works the lights
in the german opera house
free late fall show

paper pen scissors
artistic regional words
actors dressed in black

fish tanks, moss
brightly colored skeletons
modern german art

blond girl
kicking ball
pink shorts

street cafe
old cathedral
sound of skateboards

1 comment:

  1. lights
    ferris wheel

    Very impressing. Sometimes we reduce ourselves to that.

    Best wishes