Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Warm German Apartment

two empty beers
and a half full wine glass
sit on the table

hertz brennen
leiben fuer

red, black, and white
cards in a large pile
pretty lace table cloth

ein bettdenke
zwie hertzen

my wet
polka dot bathing suit
sits on the heater

very german
to have a window
for a bathroom door

die krankenwagen

i hear the streetcar
line sixty-one
from my window

stale smoke
stale marriage
both linger in room

great american
and french authors
on german shelf

deep breath

in silence
grinding of teeth
sweat on brow

big black spider
on white wall
quick, but still dead

the pillow
kisses my head
on cool german night

cool friday night
two rented films
sweet english selected

my german window
open, river breeze
reading about old france

early autumn night
the street car

the church bells
r - i - n - g
every hour

warm blanket
murder stories
cool german night


  1. When ever you want: I'll help you through this German language ...

    Best wishes

  2. I know I misspelled "lieben". I was going to correct it, but some broken love can't be fixed...I left it.