Sunday, November 8, 2009

Behind Juniper Beneath

"Lay" versus "lie"...I had to look it up. You lay an object, you lie yourself down. Click here for Grammar Girl. Please comment if I still used them incorrectly.

bushy red fur
behind the juniper
a coyote

pine infused breeze
as i lie here with closed eyes
chickadee calls

trail from my house
desert scrub to large pines
unseen red mountain

purple berries
beneath juniper
lay near cones

green pine branches
in the center
jay bright blue


  1. ___ Annie, I continue to like the mention of animal and vegetable... must be that wildlife biology... a nice balance. _m

  2. Thanks Magyar. I notice and identify every bird song, every small movement, it's my job to. The person I was hiking with never saw the coyote.

    I just started thinking about writing a nature book about all the jobs I've had. I might start a blog first to see how people like it.

  3. i remember the chickadees following behind me, while i was on the snowshoe trail - they traveled limb to limb, trying to get my attention.

    wonderful images here...

    David in Maine USA