Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Scarf

cradled wood in truck beds
snow dusting cowboy hats
at mid-day chat by road

mountain wearing
a gray fluffy snow cloud
like a winter scarf

warm noodle bar
in downtown albuquerque
on a cold city street


  1. Good to see you back, Annie. 'I liked the 'woody chat'!
    __The 'mountain/scarf. reminded me of a short story I scribbled, a few years back, about a Havasupai traveler; "'Nimbus,' was seen by no one. ...and the mountains laugh at these foolish journeys, of foolish men." _m

  2. It certainly marks winter in ABQ, seeing the trucks full of the wood for sale on the side of the road, just as much as the green chili guy marks late summer.

    I felt the mountains in San Diego laughing at me all week myself.

  3. I would like to visit a warm noodle bar on a cold day. :) Nice images.

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