Friday, August 21, 2009

Battle of the Haiku

Last night me and my 12 year old niece were writing haiku, giving each other a subject to write about. I will just share one of hers:

the breeze comes through fast
leaves are falling in the wind
colors are pretty

not bad for her first one...and here are mine:

past whispers in ear
gnarled piano clanked
whiskey quickly drank

sweet sticky
red love
now dead

long curtain moving
window is a cat's tv
naive birds don't see

barbie hair cut off
brothers can be very mean
sister drama queen

red rose is wilting
the cold breeze blew in last night
petals on the ground

same are love and hate
left growing on passion's tree
frost turns sweet bitter

coward coyote
runs away tail between his legs
passion blazing grass

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