Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heartache Haiku

forecast today is
a heavy cloud
of unspoken words

watch where
you aim
such dangerous words

i could hit you
with this pillow
feathers well aimed

the cold wind
blows harder
in the dark

jane eyre
keeps me

thoughts of
you make
me lonely

every email
i send
is the last

my brother
ten years rest
in april grave

wine, george strait
my memories of him
shoved in a big box

explode outside
my front door

another plane
another may
another day

morning call
in German
pretending it's ok

all we
will share
is our words

texas is

california is

i keep deleting
the poems
of unhurried words

intimate and sincere
shared with naive trust
my thoughts raped

you won't
stay out
of my dreams

this eternal patience
is very long
and boring indeed

i hung up the phone
and wondered how i could find
lying to you so easy

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