Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Haiku and "Pops"

A few of my favorite haiku, written in March 2009

17+ or - Syllables:

fork smeared pink, blue
frosted flower sits uneaten
sugar belly rush

bright florescent red
love sings outside my window
string in beak for nest

Freestyle "Pops":

side to side
the broom sweeps
the summer dust away

unopened mail
shoved secretely
under my sofa

sad dying plants
in the cold room
green thumb brown

never home
--cold bed and
no cat to miss me

my imaginary cat
eats a moth
--Kerouacean moonlight

Albuquerque lights!
glow up at me
ribbon of sky blue bright

hated construction hat
has flown
60,000 miles with me

lonely sky
my open road
hotel rooms my home

i should pay
--gas bill forgotten again

years of email
unread from
an annoying friend

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